Our Senior

Mr. Govindraj is the head of the firm. He has had over 40 years standing at the Karnataka High Court Bar. He has practised in a variety of legal fields including Constitutional, Civil, Service, Matrimonial and such other matters, excepting the fields of Law of Taxation and Crimes.
He has represented various pubic corporations and statutory authorities before the High Court of Karnataka, He practices on the original side of litigation as well. He likes to consider himself as a complete lawyer for ever integrating the private interest of his clients with the perennial interest of Justice. Legal practise shorn of commercial leangings fascinates him. He professed Law in a well known Law college for a time but gave it up for paucity of time and due to the compulsions of the profession.
He has a Masters Degree in English Literature from Bangalore University . Indeed he taught English Language and Literature for a few years in the University before enrolling himself as a lawyer. He still pursues literature during the time allowed by Law, a jealous mistress.
He is a sports person preferring to play Golf and Badminton. He enjoys social evenings with friends and colleagues.